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Mi sono dato alla progettazione di eventi, quassù :) CULINARI. Ovvio.


"Dear TUDelft International students,

I'm Janneke Pirovano and I'm glad to invite you at the newest awards in the Netherland.
PASTA DESIGN COMPETITION 2008 is a great opportunity to show your cooking and creative ability!
You have to prepare a special pasta that share your personal vision about the most well-known Italian starter.
All the informations about date, place and hour are on the attached file.

Rules are clear and simple:

    1. Chose only an Italian brand for pasta  
         ( e.g. - Garofalo, De Cecco, Barilla, Grand'Italia, Delverde )

    2. Use freely Oil, Garlic, Onions, Spices (in powder).
    3. Max ingredient's number:  n. 4 
( e.g. - Salmon, Tomato, Peanuts, Basilicum )

    4. Chose one sound track, like a wine, that stresses the look&feel of your work.

back judge:  Her Majesty Madeleine Borthwick

That's all. Enjoy!


Janneke Pirovano"

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